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We provide people like you the opportunity to earn an income whenever and where-ever you like. This is a work at home job opportunity that is smart and easy.
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Testimonials from people already earning good money writing emails:
To Whom It May Concern,
My partner and I decided to purchase your training manual. In the 1st day we tripled back the cost of the manual - now 3 weeks on we are earning $250 a week and only doing this about 30 minutes every other day. Thank you.
Hi, I read your training program and then did some research. I found that there was nobody else out there offering what you are offering with the backing of such a reliable company. I took the plunge and decided to give it a go. That was 3 months ago. Now I earn about $400 a week but I hope to get more as I start to send more emails.
Stuart K.

Dear Potential Time, I don't understand why I purchased this training manual but I felt compelled to do so. As a young mother I really wanted to contribute to the household income. So I carefully read the information that is so well laid out and followed it step by step. I was surprised as to how easy it was. Anyway after the 1st day I had not made my money back but when I logged in the second day I was surprised to find that I had earn $115. Very inspiring. I am going to keep doing this job. I want to save now for a new kitchen - I think at this rate I could have my new kitchen very quickly.
Judy F.
Hello, I am sorry to tell you I hate these type of sites. It don't even bother reading them normally. But, your site is so professional and has so much information in it I really was impressed. I researched your business to see how valid it is and learned you have a lot of runs on the board and genuinely care. So, I am now the proud owner of your training manual. I have to admit I really haven't done anything with it yet. I am a bit of a slow learner so I am reading it a number of times and going to the places the manual says to get familiar first. It all makes sense and I am looking forward to my first pay. Thank you and I am sorry for doubting you.
Tanya A.
"This is so much fun it doesn't feel like a job"
Name withheld

Thanks for this training at a good price. Well worth it.
Dear Email Processing Jobs, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn money legitimately from home. I love this job it is very easy. Michelle

1. Is this a scam? My friend says writing emails is a scam.
No this is not a scam. We are providing you with the training for earning money at home for legitimate companies. Other companies expect you to join a group and you pay a membership fee. They sell you a poor quality group of products that are hard to understand. Our training package is professionally written with clear and concise instructions. If this was a scam we would not freely offer you to view our company details via the websites listed at the bottom of the site pages and in this FAQ.
2. Can I do this from anywhere?
Yes, this is a completely mobile job. So where-ever you are in the world you can do this job.
3. Why do I have to pay to have a job?
Often you have to do a small training course for a small fee so you can do your job well. We are providing you the training for processing emails at a significantly discounted rate. You will recoup this with your 1st processed emails.
4. This seems too good to be true will I really get paid so much?
Absolutely, whenever an email is successfully processed you will get paid between $15 and $25 and sometime more. There is no hidden agenda here. This is a real job that pays real money.
5. What do you mean by processing emails successfully?
In order for you to make money for sending out emails, a sale needs to occur, however you don't have to do any selling or process any orders yourself. The companies that will hire you do all of that for you, making your job much easier. Details of the companies you will be working for is contained within the training package.
6. Isn't this Spam?
No this is not spam. We do not encourage spam it is against the law. When you follow our training you will not be spamming.
7. Why isn't everyone doing this?
Like every job this is not for everybody. Also many people think this is a get rich quick system or a scam but in actual fact it is a job. A real job you do from home in your own time. The difference is you can earn a significant amount of money doing it. We are not offering anything that does not deliver results - our reputation is too precious for that.
8. How many emails can I expect to process in one day?
You can easily start off by sending 10 emails a day. As you become more confident you can send as many as you like. Just follow the process in the training.
9. I am under 18, can I still do this job?
Yes but you will require permission from you parents. We do not have companies of an adult nature so it should be fine.
10. How will I be paid and how often?
You will be paid every 2 - 4 weeks by Paypal, company check, or bank transfer direct from the companies you send emails for.
11. Do I need any special skills to do this work?
The only skills you need are basic internet skills and basic information about computers in general. All the training is provided in the manual.
12. I don't have a credit card, is there some other way that I can pay?
For your security we only use Paypal. Paypal offers direct debit and credit cards. We cannot at this time offer any other methods of payment.
13. Do you have a phone number, so I can speak to you and know more about this job?
At this time we only offer email support, offering phone support is very costly and we would prefer to offer this information and training to as many people as we can as companies are in need of email processors. We prefer to use email, this helps us to keep costs down. By keeping costs down, we are able to offer you our low price for learning how to do this job so you can earn pure profit.
14. How can I trust this site and you will deliver what you promise?
We offer you is our credentials - our reputation is worth a lot to us that is why we offer you to reference our company via the following website links. Our company Potential Time Pty Ltd has been trading in Australia for over 12 years teaching small business how to use the internet and also people like you how to use the internet to create an income. It is not worth jeopardising our reputation to provide you with something we cannot prove works. 2 years of testing has led us to share with you a job that is easy to do and very smart. 
14. What happens regarding taxes?
Tax is dependant on the laws of the country you live in - we are not allowed to provide tax advice.  You should speak to your accountant or tax professional about this. Each company will pay you individually the gross sum of each successfully processed email - that is no tax will be taken out.
15.  Who are the companies I will be writing emails for?
The companies are varied. You can choose who you write for. All the information regarding the companies is contained within the training package. The companies sell products and services. So you could find companies selling toys, travel, books, services, clothes and the list goes on. You choose the companies you would feel comfortable writing for.
16.  Do you tell me what to write?
Yes there are some emails listed in the training package that you simply copy and paste and tweak to suit the product or service you are sending the email for. Everything is given to you including an extensive amount of support material for free.
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